I’m getting too old for this

So the iPhone will go on sale one week from today at 6 PM. And I won’t be getting one.

Oh, I’m getting an iPhone, but not at 6 PM on Friday. From what I’m seeing around the net, it’s going to be a madhouse at Apple/AT&T stores. And I’m just too old to be standing in lines for hours on end. I’ve got three mouths to feed.

Unless I can find a way to feed them while waiting in line. Hmm…

Hardly working

When you work in a computer lab, an event like Apple’s WWDC can cause a serious impact on productivity. Here’s a chat from Monday.

Me: So, are you watching the WWDC?

Coworker: Um…nope. I’m…er….working…

Me: Yeah, same here. So which website are you not watching it on?

Coworker: I’m not watching it on macosrumorslive.com. I’m also not watching it on Engadget.

Me: Ditto. I don’t have them loaded into tabs that I’m switching back and forth between.

Coworker: Good, same with me.

Pathetic, no?

It’s June, and that means…

The iPhone is coming! I just watched the Apple keynote from January again. This phone is going to be amazing. As someone who rarely has the same phone for more than 6 months, my Treo 700p and Samsung SGH-D900 are starting to look dated. What’s so great about the iPhone? I try to fill all the empty moments of my day (walking down the street, waiting in line, etc.) with some sort of entertainment or education. The iPod is great for this, but it’s a pain to carry an additional device. The iPhone has the potential to replace my iPod, Treo, and regular cell phone in a slim, sleek, touch-screen powered phone. This is going to be nice. The only questions still lingering: a) is Cingular the new AT&T going to gouge me on service b) is this thing going to be sold out everywhere? Time will tell. The end of June is fast approaching.

Yet another website

As if I didn’t have enough side projects to maintain, I have decided to enter the world of medical calculator websites.

Many medical calculations are tiresome to perform by hand, and thus prone to errors. In the past, I have used Palm-based medical calculators, but it can be cumbersome to enter values into a handheld device. Web-based calculators have the promise to be more convenient, but most web-based calculator sites I’ve come aross have been poorly designed and slow to use. Nearly all require use of a “calculate” or “submit” button, which seems redundant given the power of modern computers, most of which can perform these calculations instantaneously.

In that setting, I set out to create a new site (largely for myself at first) that would allow for instantaneous calculations and keyboard navigation. This required the use of dynamic HTML which sacrifices some compatibility (ironically with the Palm OS web browser), but I think ultimately it is worth the sacrifice.

The new site is now up at http://www.calculomatic.com. Right now, I only have a few renal calclulators available, but I hope to expand this with time.