Rumored iPhone 5S Specs

Rumored iPhone 5S production shots & specs: IGZO display, Fingerprint, NFC, 12MP cam | 9to5Mac

Specs for the iPhone 5S from this same leak include NFC reader (which was taken out of the iPhone 5 late in production we’ve heard), a Fingerprint Reader (which may or may not be causing production delays), Sharp 4-inch 1136×640 (and maybe LG) IGZO display for power savings and better image quality and new 12 megapixel backside camera with dual LED flash.

The lingering question has been what Apple can add to the iPhone to make it more appealing without changing the form factor. These adjustments sound believable. The most compelling sounds like the fingerprint reader, presuming it could be used in lieu of a passcode. The real question is how well it works. The NFC addition is intriguing. The question is what Apple would use it for. Historically, Apple doesn’t add features it doesn’t have a use for.

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