Safari 6 needs work

I have been using Safari for years. Often I try Chrome for a while, but always end up going to back to Safari. Usually the drivers are the ability to sync with iOS and the far-better native PDF viewing, as well as other little touches. Safari 6 initially seemed like a big step forward to me. I’ve noticed improved performance and one of the big advantages of Chrome, the single location/search field, has been ported over.

However, there are some significant rough edges. Many have complained of crashes, which I haven’t seen. However, I have had the following.

  • New pages will open, but not scroll
  • New sites fail to load, with the blue loading indicator getting stuck part way through
  • Content will get cut off, despite the fact that the page has the appropriate scroll height

Screen Shot 2012 08 02 at 12 13 35 PM

These problems go away when I quit Safari and relaunch which, thanks to the restore-windows functionality introduced in Lion, is not as big a deal as it once was.

While Safari 6 is not unusable, it’s the most buggy version I have ever used. I’m hoping for a bug fix release soon.

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