App Store Approvals

Red Sweater Blog – MarsEdit 3.2.2

MarsEdit 3.2.2, an extremely minimal update to 3.2.1, which nonetheless fixes some importantly frustrating bugs, has been rejected by Apple for alleged violations of their policies that I can’t yet make sense of. Rather than postpone indefinitely the availability of this release while I work out the issues with Apple, I’m making it available immediately to all customers.

A follow up on my earlier post, one major issue Apple has to deal with is developer frustration surrounding the approval process. Minor updates to existing (and rather non-controversial) software shouldn’t be subject to the random whims of the reviewer-of-the-day. I imagine this sort of thing is the kind of issue that keeps some developers out of the App Store. Apple needs to fix this. Unlike in the iOS world, developers have alternatives. Forcing users to look elsewhere for the software they want greatly diminishes the appeal of the App Store.

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