I’ve had a few problems with dropped calls occasionally on AT&T, but I thought most of the complaints about the service’s quality were overstated.

Google Voice proved me wrong.

You’ll know if you drop a call, but, unless the caller tells you, you won’t know if a call never made it to your phone at all. Unless you sign up for Google Voice.

Many people use Google Voice’s unique number to forward calls to multiple phones, but Google Voice gives you the option of activating something called “Google Voicemail”, which ostensibly lets Google Voice grab voicemails sent to your phone and process them through Google’s speech-to-text converter.

But it also intercepts your missed call notifications and converts these to emails. Even if your phone doesn’t have reception, it will still generate an email. The result: you may find, as I did, you’re missing a lot more calls than you realized. That Verizon iPhone is sounding more appealing.

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