Filing messages by keyboard in Mac Mail

I try to be organized, I really do. I have a whole heirarchy of folders in designed to keep my old messages organized. I like the idea of my Inbox containing only messages I need to do something about. Despite this, I’m at nearly 1700 messages. Each day is struggle just to maintain status quo. Why? It’s a pain to drag message to the right folder, and just too slow.

The solution?

MsgFiler is a simple utility I discovered recently. it’s essentially a plugin for Mail that adds a new menu item (you can assign a keyboard shortcut via System Preferences). Choose the menu item (or better, the keyboard shortcut) and you can type the name of the folder you want to send the selected message (or messages) to. The best part is that it’s intelligent – it filters the possible destinations as you type, so you only really need to enter a few characters. Hit enter, and the message is gone.

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