A blog surge

My last post on this blog was over a month ago. Some have criticized me for “dithering” while my readers were desperate for new posts. Let me be clear: there was no material before me that could have reasonably been posted before this month. However, after much internal debate and consultation with my advisors, I have decided that what the internet needs is more posts on this blog. This blogging “surge” will begin immediately. As I have consistently said, it is my duty to inform the internet community of my opinions and thoughts, even when they are not what the internet wants to hear. My strategy will consist of three components:

1) More frequent posting: because a blog without posts cannot stand

2) More thoughtful posting: because posts without important content will just embolden the enemy (other blogs)

3) More pictures: because blog posts based on text alone cannot be as effective as a coordinated strategy.

Thank you for your understanding in these trying times.

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