Some have said that the new iPhone 3G S is a relatively minor upgrade over it’s predicessor compared with the relatively large leap the 3G was over the origial iPhone. I’m not sure I agree. While the 3G S doesn’t look much different externally, it is dramatically faster in all aspects of use, so much so that it really feels like a different class of machines. Like the 3G removed the hesitancy of using he iPhone for browsing when wifi was unavailable, I think the 3G S makes me far more likely to use the iPhone for a task I would have previously reserved for a full sized computer.

iPhone 3GS

Case in point: this post was written on a 3G S.

Other impressions:

The screen Has a different texture. Not better or worse, but diferent. It is probably the Fingerprint resistant coating.

The home button is a bit stiffer.

It feels slightly heavier. It’s more noticeable than I expected, but it may be all in my head since I knew it was supposed to weigh more (0.1 oz more).

More testing to come.

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