An AM Masterpiece

A perfect cup with latte art

Latte art: often attempted but rarely mastered. When the barista pours the milk of a cappuccino just so, it winds its way through the espresso, blooming into a silken flower almost too perfect to drink. This is what emerged this morning when I, in my semi-awake state, created my usual morning beverage. If I admire it any longer, it will grow cold and bitter so, after a brief photograph session, I sip it down and head off to work.

I have been working on my latte art for years now, often with limited success. As what I think is a beautiful rose is emerging, my wife looks over my shoulder and comments, ??????oh…a brussel sprout!?????? Such is the pain the struggling latte artist must endure. Still, I persevere, and every now and again, true perfection emerges.

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