I’ve long since made the jump from Apple’s Aperture to Lightroom. For the most part, I think it’s been worth it. Lightroom is considerably faster and I seem to get better results from my editing. However, I still find Aperture had a better system of organizing photos and I preferred the interface. What it really needs is some evidence of ongoing development, which I’m just not seeing. My hope is that 3.0 is dependent on Snow Leopard, which won’t be out until this summer. I’m still interested in giving it another look.

2 thoughts on “Whither Aperture?

  1. There are only so many things that Apple can continue to do well. Developing software for pro photography is probably not one of them. Lightroom owns the market, and for good reason: Photoshop has no equal. Lightroom is essentially a different front end on many PS/Bridge tools. Don’t go back! Spend your time shooting! 😉

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