One Year Later

Today I turn one year older. People often act like it’s a big deal, but of course I’m just one day older than yesterday. Nonetheless, it’s a reminder of the fact that I am, indeed getting older. Of course I have other reminders of that. Like my wife, who frequently remarks at the number of grey hairs cropping up in my head.

A year is a long time. Much has changed in my day-to-day life. A year ago:

  1. I was using a different computer
  2. I was using a different phone
  3. I was using a different camera
  4. I had a different job
  5. I had a different office
  6. I had a different gym
  7. I had a more valuable stock portfolio
  8. I had fewer joint problems
  9. I drank less coffee
  10. I had a worker espresso machine

Surprisingly, even a few things changed outside of my personal world. A year ago:

  1. W was still president
  2. Hillary was the front-runner
  3. Steve was still running Apple
  4. Tim Russert was still running Meet the Press
  5. It was very cold outside

I guess some things never change…

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