A time for honesty

There are times in our lives when we do things we are proud of and want to share these achievements with the world. There are other, darker times, when we lose sight of our values and stray from the path we have set for ourselves. I like to think of myself as a good person, an honest person. But I was truly inspired by John Edwards’ words tonight. “Edwards’ words” sounds a bit awkward, doesn’t it? Well, maybe that’s appropriate. Because this is awkward. Telling the truth that is. Anyway, John said that it’s no longer good enough to be “99% honest”. We must tell the truth. And so I am. Or will. Give me a second, here. 

John Edwards admitted that, in 2006, he had an affair. Despite this, he thought somehow he could run for president after this. That doesn’t sound like a great idea to me, but hey, what do I know. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, right? Well, it’s time to lay it all on the table. Not that I’m planning on running for president. Besides, John Edwards waited until after he lost to admit his wrong doings, while I haven’t even started campaigning for anything. Does that make me a better person? I’ll let you judge. You being the American People. Unless you’re reading this from outside America. Then I guess you’re a citizen of the world. So, I’ll let the Amiercan People and the citizens of the world judge me. Happy?

Here’s the situation. I could tell you a “99% truth”, that all I did this evening was cook some salmon and broccoli, and add a little couscous for a healthy meal. And that’s true. But it’s not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s just part of the story. Not really a lie, but still misleading. Is that all the food I ate? Well, that depends on what your definition of is is. Or actually what your definition of food is. After all the lights were out, I snuck into the kitchen for a snack. I’m not really sure what happened…it all went by so fast. It’s almost as if I was outside myself, watching someone else take the actions. 

I found myself with a piece of bread on a plate and some fresh-ground Whole Foods honey-roasted peanut butter. I started making a peanut butter and should have just stopped there, but no, I had to go on. As if moved by some unseen force, I opened the cabinet, took out a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, and sprinkled them liberally on top. I’m already ashamed and wish that was the end of it. But it isn’t. I then took the resulting Frankenstein-like monstrosity and placed it in the toaster oven. I cannot bear to give you the details of how I toasted it, took out the bread, folded it in two, and ate it in one sitting, but if you can stand it you can look at the evidence

I understand if you never want to read this blog again. Or let your children read this blog. Or let anyone you know read this blog. I can’t promise you I’ll be perfect. But if you’ll give me another chance, I will do my best to re-earn your trust. Thank you.

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  1. I scoff at your puny sins. I eat entire pints of ice cream in half a sitting.

    What kind of bread is that? I never tried honey roasted peanut butter, good tip.

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