Fourth of July BBQ

Corn on the grill

Many people have fond memories of celebrating the 4th of July with their families, enjoying a barbeque. I have no such fond memories. I used to think it was because I didn’t enjoy the whole experience, but I think it is rather that my parents really were not that into barbeque, and I’m not really into the outdoors. Fast forward to 2006, and I have become a grill convert. It was about one year ago that I decided. somewhat on impulse, to buy the Weber Q Grill. I had debated about venturing into the hard-core arena of charcoal grilling or staying safely within the clean propane-driven world. I selected the latter, and I’m glad I have. Propane grills require minimal setup and maintenance. In part as a result of this simplicity, grilling has become a mainstay of food preparation chez infobhan.

While the daily grill is enjoyable, grilling for others (the social grilling often hilighted by TV commercials and the like) is where the true raison d’etre of the barbeque can be found. With a quick trip to the supermarket and a few last-minute emails to some friends, I was able to turn what could have been a lackluster 4th in front of the TV into a celebratory gathering. The nice thing about the grill is that it is so easy to succeed; almost every food I’ve tried has tasted better grilled. Today was a festival of flavors with grilled corn, chicken, onions, and, of course, burgers. This was accompanied by a potato salad and some lemonade, care of my wife, and some chocolate chip cookies I put together at the last minute when I realized we had no dessert. Also on the menu was some fresh pineapple; maybe next time I will muster the courage to grill that as well.

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  1. We did the charcol grill thing in our new back yard today. It was actually kind of fun though I’m not looking forward to cleaning it out…

  2. A festival of flavors indeed! I’m always impressed by how juicy the chicken turns out. You forgot to add shrimp kebobs to the list of stuff you made, also delicious. Thanks again, I too am a fan of your grill!

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