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  1. Added: March 20, 2008
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    Watch Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9-11 sermon in context

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    Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s God Damn America in context

  2. I just saw Rev. Wright’s speech, and can’t figure out for the life of me what the big deal is about. Unless I didn’t see the whole speech, I just sat and waited for Rev. Wright to say something that Obama should have to defend. I thought Rev. Wright was quoting someone (somewhat loosely) he heard on television. Also, being a 58-year-old Black female, I believe the people who were offended by Rev. Wright’s remarks are not used to how Black ministers preach. I interpreted him to be speaking about the condition of the world and politics and comparing that to early biblical times and how we should be trying to get a closer relationship with God. However, I am not sure I saw the whole speech. Can someone respond to that because based on what I saw, I thought the tape ran out early.

  3. The speech shown here isn’t so crazy, but it doesn’t include his remarks on the US gov creating AIDS to kill black people and setting up pearl harbor.

  4. Rev Wright told a truth that the devils cant stand. The white man hates the truth because the truth exposes him for what he is, a wicked beast. Hillary Clinton was born rich and white which gives her an advantage in this country. She knows it just like black people do. The elite white devils run this country and they will blow it up before they ever let the niggers have equal power! if Obama wins, he will come to realize that the words of Rev Wright that he denounced, will prove to be true. He has already been greeted with a swastika in PA! White people have always justified and denied their evil actions all over the world for as long as they have been in existence. They have never been our brothers but they have been the murderers and enslavers of black people.The white devil is trying to wipe our people off the planet. THE AIDS VIRUS, created by the US Federal Virus Program was purposely set loose in Africa in the late 70;s disguised as a series of smallpox vaccinations (boydgraves.com). If the cure is not released then in 60 years the continent will be wiped out! this is what the devil does! Black Power!

  5. Reverend Wright did not seem to be an evil Black man when he assisted in attending to Linden Johnson during his surgery. Or, when he was serving his country as a marine and a navy surgeon. Only when one speaks out against something in a tone that is not ordinary do they become a villain. You have to wonder where the world will be 40 years from now if we do not get away from these devisive tactics and move toward some sort of reconcilliation. As a Black man in America I can understand why some people can not understand what we face on a day to day basis. Our reality is conceived by our day to day lives. Prayerfully one day we may all learn that it is imperative that we learn some sort of empathy so we may truly walk in the other persons shoes. I believe that Reverend Wright loves his country just as I believe that Sean Hannity and Dr. Michael Savage love their country. I also believe as long as many want us never to see the similarities we all have, we will always concentrate on the differences.

  6. Rev. Wright’s words have been taken out of context as all the words of black ministers are by the media or whites who don’t really want to hear truth. Fear of the truth is a threat to some people.

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