Going Pro

I used the iPad from its first incarnation, and was an early fan of the form factor. Despite this, I am now the only member of my household without one (even my two year old daughter has inherited her own). I simultaneously handed down my old Mini and upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone’s screen is nowhere near as expansive as the iPad’s, but it’s big enough to be fairly productive, and eminently more portable. 

I find myself intrigued by the iPad Pro. It’s different enough from the phone’s form factor to serve a different purpose. While it’s tempting to think of the iPad as more limited than a laptop, I can do a surprising amount from my phone, and the iPad is still more capable. 

My inclination is to wait for now. The early reviews seem bullish on the hardware, but my sense is we need another iOS revision before the software catches up to the potential (the keyboard cover also sounds like it could use an upgrade). That said, it’s striking that it’s more powerful than the MacBook, and I could see it become a versitile computer within the next year or two. 

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