Techno pumps

I’m continuing to work on getting my Reneka Techno espresso machine back online. This French contraption first came into my world in December, 2002. Since then, it’s been a reliable producer of top-quality espresso drinks, at least when I feed it with my freshly-roasted beans.

My trusted friend has suffered his share of health complications over his short life. The boiler temperature probe has failed twice, once recently. In the past month, the pump started failing as well. No matter, a quick email to Just Espresso lead to the arrival of a new pump and probe. Now the only thing standing in my way of espresso nirvana are two small adapter pieces that I need to move from the old pump (pictured left) to the new pump (on the right). Despite my best efforts, they are impossible to remove. An email is in to Just Espresso. Hopefully, they can come up with a solution soon??????

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  1. Heat is your only hope. First try HOT water running on it for 10 Min. If no luck you may need a torch, carefully heat the pump where the fittings are. Keep the fittings as cool as you can, I’ve used ice cubes to cool the fittings when necessary. Use a vice and a long tight fitting wrench.

    Good luck,
    Viva Espresso

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