Sous Vide Brisket at 140° F

After my previous attempts at sous vide brisket yielded a brittle, dry meat that was enjoyable only after being heavily drenched in barbeque sauce, I tried again with several modifications. I brined the brisket for a couple hours in a 4% salt and 3% sugar solution, rinsed the meat, and sealed it up. I cooked it at 140° F for 2 days. The results were for superior. While it’s still not my favorite cut, it was pleasant to eat, with good flavor and structure.

I could have arguably gotten away with tenderizing it even more by cooking it for an additional day, perhaps using a lower temp. Brisket varies a good deal from cut to cut, so your results may vary.

Either way, it’s great on a homemade baguette:


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  1. I wonder if there is some sciencey reason for this.

    Traditionally you’d cook a brisket in liquid, or smoke it for an hour or two before wrapping it in foil. It is still one of the most difficult cuts to get right.

    Of course, you also get variability, and cuts like a pork shoulder, ribs, or a brisket are so variable you can’t use a measure like temperature to determine when it is done. You need to physically check the structure of the meat to see if it is tender yet. I have had racks of ribs that took between 4 and 8 hours cooked alongside each other.

    So I think there is still an element of art. I guess if you are getting restaurant quality steaks, you have some benchmark, but maybe it’s different with a brisket.

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